Deleting Categories/Subcategories

Written By Tom Louis

This summer I’ve had the privilege to work with Fire Inspector Michael Campbell to develop a very efficient way to clean up Categories and Subcategories in the Occupancy Module. His team at Fort Leonard Wood wanted to tidy things up a bit to improve their efficiency in this module. We found this process to be especially helpful for removing unneeded Categories/Subcategories while still preserving all your occupancies and related data.

The biggest challenge in removing Categories/Subcategories is that even if you’ve archived some occupancies, you cannot remove the associated Category/Subcategory until all occupancies, both active and archived, are migrated to another category.

Below are steps to get your Occupancy Module Categories and Subcategories in order.

Step 1: Migrate active Occupancies to a new Category/Subcateogry.

  1. Navigate to the Occupancy Module and click Settings.

  2. Click on Migrate Occupancies.

  3. Click List to select the Category/Subcategory you wish to migrate from (for this example, we’ll use Mapping>Bellingham), then click Next.

    A list of active occupancies in this category will appear.

  4. Click List to select the Category/Subcategory you wish to move them to (in this case it will be Business>Other).

  5. Check the occupancies you wish to migrate, then click Next.

  6. Nice! After you have successfully migrated occupancies, the following message will appear.

But you’re not done yet! You may have previously archived occupancies will prevent you from deleting unwanted Categories/Subcategories.

Step 2: Migrate archived Occupancies.

  1. Navigate to Occupancy Module and click on the Settings tab.

  2. Click on Migrate Occupancies.

  3. Click List to select the Category/Subcategory you wish to unarchive occupancies for (Again, we’ll use “Mapping>Bellingham”).

  4. Click on the Archived Occupancies button then click Next.

  5. Check the occupancies you wish to unarchive, then click Next.

    Great! Now these occupancies are unarchived (active).

  6. Go back and complete Step 1 again to move these occupancies to a different Category/Subcategory before you delete their current Category/Subcategory.

Note: My best practice recommendation is to create a new Category/Subcategory called Temp/Archived to keep track of how to do this.

Once you’ve cleared all of the active and archived occupancies from a Category/Subcategory, you will be able delete the Subcategory from the main Category List (in Settings) since it will now have this selection enabled in the dropdown:

After you have removed all the Subcategories from a Category, the Category itself can be deleted.

Nicely done! That’s your ticket to clean up category clutter in the Occupancy Module.

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