How to Capture ICD-10 Codes for NEMSIS 2.2.1

This article describes how to capture the ICD-10 condition codes so that you can remain in compliance with new Medicare rules that go into effect on October 1, 2015. This is an optional field that can be enabled to start collecting ICD-10 codes in addition to the ICD-9 codes that Nemsis 2.2.1 requires.

Step 1: Enable the capture of ICD-10 codes

  1. Go to Administration
  2. Click on the link for Required Fields
  3. Check the option for Collect ICD-10 Codes

  4. Click Save.

The field will now be required when filling in the patient information within an incident.

Step 2: Fill in the ICD-10 codes on the EMS Questionnaire page

  1. When filling out Patient Questionnaire, there will now be another field called Condition Code Number (ICD-10). Both the ICD-9 and ICD-10 fields are required.

  2. Type in either the ICD-10 code or the ICD-10 description. The field will suggest items that match the text that has been entered in the format of [ICD-10 code] – [Description].

  3. Continue entering the patient information as needed.
    Note: If the page is saved without entering an ICD-10 code, the Authorize page will display an error message with a link that goes back to the patient.

Where else does this data show up?

Once ICD-10 codes have been enabled for an account, the entered codes will appear in the following:

  • NEMSIS 2.2.1 Gold Medical Billing exports will include this information in the data elements noted below:
    • <E23_09> = ICD-10 value
    • <E23_11> = description “ICD10Code”
  • When printing the patient information on the Incident Summary report, the ICD-10 codes will appear in the Patient History section.

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