Edit Locked Inspection Forms

Signature Capture must be enabled on each individual even though the Signature Capture option appears to be available on the last page of the inspections process for all inspections. The following steps describe how to enable Signature Capture to a locked form:

Step 1: Add a New Form.

  1. Navigate to the Occupancy module. Select Settings and then click Inspection Forms.

  2. Click Add New Form and type a name for the form.

  3. Select the form to be edited from the "Create Form From:" dropdown. Press Add.

  4. Select the new form from the list and click the Edit icon. You can now edit the form.

Step 2: Enable Signature Capture on the form.

  1. To add Signature Capture to the form, scroll to the bottom of the form. Then click Add/Edit Signature Options.

  2. Check the boxes next to Inspector Signature Capture and Representative Signature Capture and then Save.

  3. Click Lock This Form and then click OK on the popup box that appears.

  4. Delete the original form and you have now enabled signature capture on this form.

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