How to Email Authorized Occupancy Inspections

This article describes how to email authorized (locked) occupancy inspections to customers.

Step 1: Go to the list of Inspections for an Occupancy.

  1. Go to the Occupancy Module.
  2. Edit an existing Occupancy.
  3. Go to the Inspections tab within the occupancy

Step 2: Email/Print Inspections

  1. Click on Select Observation(s) for an inspection in the Inspection History section. This brings up the following dialog:
  2. Select the observations to include in the Inspection Report
  3. Select the option Email Inspection Report. This option is only enabled for users that meet one of the following criteria:
    1. The user is the assigned inspector for the occupancy.
    2. The user is the listed inspector for the inspection.
    3. The user has FULL permission for the Occupancy module.
    4. The user authorized (locked) the inspection.
  4. Fill in the To, From and Custom Message fields.
    1. You can prefill the Contact Info from the list of contacts for the occupancy OR enter a different contact name and email.
    2. The From email address is defaulted from the email address specified on the Personnel Contact Information page for the logged in user.
  5. Click on OK. The inspection report is sent to the specified email addresses.


You have now sent an authorized (locked) inspection!

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