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Emergency Reporting is focused on providing client self-service tools, timely and informative communications, as well as opportunities to interact among client peers.

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    If this is an actual emergency (Medical or Fire), please dial 911 or contact your local Fire or Police Department.

    Have a question? Send us an email by using the request form above or call us toll free at (866) 773.7678. Our normal business hours are 0630-1730 Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

    **After hours phone support is available for Priority-1 (emergency) issues; (all other calls for a fee) by dialing ext #503 when calling the number above**

    Priority Level: 1


    • Priority level 1 includes urgent issues that cannot wait until normal business hours. Support staff will respond within 4 hours of ticket creation time- 24/7.


    • Emergency Reporting website is down
    • CAD is down
    • Login page is down
    • Cannot print ePCRs
    • Data does not save in the system
    • Any Module is down


    Expected Response Time: 4 Hours (during business hours)

    Periodic Updates: Every 4 hours till resolved

    Recommended Contact Method: Use After Hours Hotline - Call (866) 773-7678 x 403 and follow the prompts

    Hours of Operation: 24/7 (additional fees may apply)

    Priority Level: 2


    • Priority level 2 includes high priority issues that can wait until normal business hours. Support staff will respond within 1 business day - 6:30AM-5:30PM Monday-Friday.


    • Incident/PCR Authorization Issues
    • Inspection/Permit Authorization Issues
    • Access export does not run or complete
    • Account Administator cannot login and there are no other Admins configured
    • 500-100 error in any module
    • Unable to import or export files


    Expected Response Time: 1 Business Day

    Periodic Updates: 1 Business Day

    Recommended Contact Method: Phone or email

    Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 0630 -1730 PST

    Priority Level: 3


    • Priority level 3 includes normal to low priority issues. Support staff will respond within 1 business day - 6:30AM-5:30PM Monday-Friday.


    • General user login/password assistance
    • Feature Requests
    • General system Inquiries
    • Report Issues (Reports Module)


    Expected Response Time: 3 Business Days

    Periodic Updates: Every 2 weeks

    Recommended Contact Method: Email

    Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 0630 -1730 PST

    If you have questions about our product, search our Knowledge Base articles. If you’ve got an idea for our product development team, let us know in our “Suggest a Feature” voting forums.

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